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Experience is Experiment


Ernest Wood



Observe again that the life is everything because the forms are experimental.

There is no world of material form, having a system, a plan, an order of its own, which awaits us, to teach us some lesson from the outside. The apparent system of races, rounds, etc., is due to the fact that the monads evolve in a certain way, not that this scheme is fixed for them by someone else.


If the "Third Logos" planned the worlds in which we live, we planned them. The Logos is not other than the collectivity of monads, which is the unity of monads, so there is no being working upon us externally, that is through forms which he has made and we have not made. A scheme made for us by somebody else would destroy our freedom (and thus negate the fundamental postulate of Theosophy) as effectually as would interference with our wills if that were possible


We are not explorers in a foreign land. All these forms with their qualities or

properties ar the expressions of our life within the delimitation of our acts of

concentration. In other words, all experience is experimental. We have made

these things, and we are looking at them and seeing what they are like. We are

discovering their unsatisfactoriness, their inadequacy, their inequality to the

intent of our being. The rich clearness of reality with which they stand before

us makes us eager to have that rich clearness of reality in the full extent of the life that we are but which we have not yet expressed to ourselves in full strength and clearness.


It is all experiment - like that of a man who has made a car and now tries it out on the road, and finds many ways in which it is incomplete and unsatisfactory - it rattles, it smokes, it runs crooked, it is too slow.


Such are the things that we are constantly saying to ourselves. The wise man, learning through experience, does not separate himself from the world, he says to himself: "I rattle, I smoke, I run crooked, I am too slow".




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