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Tooting Broadway London Underground Tube Station

Opened 1926, Now part of the Northern Line.




Citizen Smith’s Local Tube Station


Wolfie Smith (Robert Lindsay) gives

a “Power to the People” salute outside

Tooting Broadway Underground Station.

(He would have to lose the cigarette now)


The entrance to Tooting Broadway Underground Station

appeared in the opening sequence of the cult 70s BBC

comedy series Citizen Smith starring Robert Lindsay.

The series ran for 30 episodes 1977-80


Wolfie was self styled leader of the

Tooting Popular Front








And Now The Theosophy



This Website Focuses on

3 Aspects of Theosophy


1 The Human Entity, our constitution and  powers


2 Our environment i.e. the world and its objects and events


3 The relationship between the two above. i.e. The effect of our environment on us and our effect on our surroundings




Urban Theosophy Links

Theosophy for Everyday Life


All material on this site is drawn from

recognized mainstream Theosophical writings


Insatiable Man

By Ernest Wood

Our desire principle is one of our

greatest assets if we understand it


Centres of Magnetism

C W Leadbeater

Our Great Cathedrals. Temples. Sites and Relics.

Ruins. Modern Cities. Public Buildings.

Cemeteries. Universities and Schools. Libraries,

Museums and Galleries. The Stock-yards of Chicago.

Special Places. Sacred Mountains. Sacred Rivers

How we are influenced by our environment and

how a positive or negative heritage can be

handed down thro’ the ages


Theosophy in the State

C Jinarajadasa

Every great body of ethical teaching

has stood or fallen according to its

effect on men as they form organised states.

Since a man is a unit of a social organisation,

the value which any ethical teaching may

have for the individual is inseparable from its

application to the community of which he is a part.


Barack Obama at Tooting Broadway


The Theory of Cycles

H P Blavatsky

Is there a Power Paramount over matter; an occult

and mysterious law which governs the world, and

which we should rather study and closely watch,

trying to adapt ourselves to it, than blindly deny,

and break our heads against the rock of destiny?


Experience is Experiment

Ernest Wood

A scheme made for us by somebody else

would destroy our freedom


Spiritual Life for the

Man of the World

Annie Besant

 No circumstances can ever make or mar

the unfolding of the spiritual life in man.

Spirituality does not depend upon the

environment; it depends upon the

attitude of the man towards life


A Theosophical view on

making wealth a priority

Annie Besant


What is Karma?

H P Blavatsky

We consider it as the Ultimate Law of the Universe,

the source, origin, and fount of all other laws which

exist throughout Nature. Karma is the unerring law

which adjusts effect to cause, on the physical, mental,

and spiritual planes of being. As no cause remains

without its due effect from greatest to least, from

a cosmic disturbance down to the movement of

your hand, and as like produces like, Karma is that

unseen and unknown law which adjusts wisely,

intelligently, and equitably each effect to its

cause, tracing the latter back to its producer.

Though itself unknowable, its action is perceivable.


Tooting Broadway in The Snow

February 2009


Thoughts On Karma

William Quan Judge

Every day in life we see people overtaken by

circumstances either good or bad and coming

in blocks all at once or scattered over long

periods of time. Some are for a whole life

in a miserable condition, and others for many

years the very reverse; while still others are

miserable or happy by snatches.


Aphorisms On Karma

William Quan Judge

 A 31 point guide to the Law of Karma


Is Poverty Bad Karma?

William Quan Judge

Or have we chosen to learn what we

need to learn this time round


The Nature of Thought

Annie Besant


The Constitution of Man

C W Leadbeater

He lives through what we call his life, gaining

certain qualities as the result of its experiences;

and at its end, when the physical body is worn out,

he reverses the process of descent and lays aside

one by one the temporary vehicles which

he has assumed.


Leadbeater on Thought

An Extract from the

The Constitution of Man

Good thoughts produce vibrations of the finer

matter of the body, which by its specific gravity

tends to float in the upper part of the ovoid;

whereas bad thoughts, such as selfishness and

avarice, are always oscillations of the grosser matter


Every thought builds a form; if the thought be

directed to another person it travels to him; if it be

distinctly selfish it remains in the immediate

neighbourhood of the thinker; if it belongs to

neither of these categories it floats for awhile

in space and then slowly disintegrates.


The Creator of Illusion

Annie Besant

The mind is the result of past thinking, and is

constantly being modified by present thinking;

it is a thing, precise and definite, with certain

powers and incapacities, strength and weakness,

which are the outcome of activities in previous lives.


The influence of the mind as a medium by

which the Knower views the external world is

very similar to the influence of the coloured

glass on the colours of objects seen through it.


Progress and People

Ernest Wood

Experience does not give us evolution.

It is the use of our powers - our thought,

will and love upon any experience

which produces evolution.


Delusions of Clairvoyance

William Quan Judge

It seems there are clairvoyants and

people who think they are clairvoyants.

Judge examines and explains the pitfalls


A Boring Job, Yoga and the Occult

Ernest Wood

Ernest Wood describes finding relief from

a boring job and social conformity in the

opportunities offered by inner work.


Psychic Experiments

Ernest Wood

Ernest Wood describes Psychic

Experiments carried out by members

of the Manchester Lodge of

The Theosophical Society circa 1905


The Constitution of Man

(From the End User’s Point of View)

C W Leadbeater

Until we have entirely rid ourselves of this

extraordinary delusion that the body is the man,

it is quite impossible that we should at all

appreciate the real facts of the case.

A little investigation immediately shows us

that the body is only a vehicle by means of which

the man manifests himself in connection with

this particular type of gross matter out of

which our visible world is built.



William Quan Judge

study simple forms of mantramic quality, for the

purpose of thus reaching the hidden mind of all

the people who need spiritual help. You will find

now and then some expression that has resounded

in the brain, at last producing such a result that

he who heard it turns his mind to spiritual things.


Elementary Lessons on Karma

Annie Besant

 Karma is but too often a crippling fetter instead

of being, as it ought to be, a strength, a guide,

a force, enabling us to act wisely and well.

Like all other laws in nature, it binds the ignorant

and gives power to the wise.


The Four Answers

Ernest Wood

There are only four answers to the question

which each should put to himself -


What do you want?


                   (1) Some want sensations:


                   (2) some want possessions;


                   (3) some want friends;


                   (4) some few want capacity for a fuller life.


We need not study the detailed psychology of

these four classes of people - and there are no

others – but it is well that we should observe

what they are, for if our Theosophy is something

to be used it will be our object to leave the first

three classes immediately and so take, quite

instantaneously, a great step forward in evolution.


Theosophy Applied

to Social Problems

Annie Besant

There is no necessity for the existence of starvation

and poverty, of overwork and absence of leisure,

of lack of comfort and the means of enjoyment.

Human brains are quite clever enough to plan

out a social system in which every citizen should

have enough for a happy life; the only obstacles

are selfishness and want of will.


The Law of Action and Reaction

Annie Besant

Karma is a Law of Nature; it compels the ignorant,

but it gives freedom to thewise. The three subsidiary

expressions of it that bear most on our destiny are:


“Thought builds character”;


“Desire attracts its object, and creates

opportunity for grasping it”;


“Action causes a favourable or unfavourable

environment according as it has brought happiness

or unhappiness to others”.


[1] We have already seen the first, in dealing with thought-power; anyone who chooses to spend five minutes regularly every morning in steady thought on any virtue which he does not possess will find that virtue – after a time the length of which depends on the steadiness and strength of his thought – showing itself forth in his character.


[2] a strong and firm wish brings about its own accomplishment; this is very often seen within the limits of a single life; a review of several successive lives places the existence of the law beyond doubt.


[3] Those who make others happy, reap happiness for themselves ;  happiness is found by not seeking it, and ever eludes those who grasp at it most passionately. Most strongly does this, again, come out in reviewing a succession of lives; the man who has caused widespread happiness is born into prosperous circumstances, while the man who has caused unhappiness appears in an unfortunate environment.


But so exactly does the law work

“Thought builds Character”

that is he has caused the happiness from a selfish

motive his selfishness will result in a nature which

is itself miserable, even when surrounded by all

that should make life pleasant:


Brief Theosophical Glossary


Glossary of Theosophical Terms






The Tooting Broadway




TThis Website was created to promote

Theosophical ideas that are relevant to everyday life.

Here are some links to more information on Theosophy

and to Groups and Centres in the UK and Worldwide


Find out more about

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Theosophy links


Cardiff Blavatsky Archive

Life & Work of H P Blavatsky

A Theosophy Study Resource



Dave’s Streetwise 

Theosophy Boards

The Theosophy Website that

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The Most Basic Theosophy

 Website in the Universe

A quick overview of Theosophy 

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If you run a Theosophy Study Group you 

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Cardiff Theosophical Society Website




The National Wales Theosophy Website



Theosophy Cardiff’s Instant Guide

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Cardiff Theosophical Archive


Blavatsky Blogger

Independent Theosophy Blog


Quick Blasts of Theosophy

One liners and quick explanations

About aspects of Theosophy


Great Theosophists

The Big Names of Theosophy

H P Blavatsky is usually the only

Theosophist that most people have ever

heard of. Let’s put that right


The Blavatsky Blogger’s

Instant Guide To

Death & The Afterlife


Blavatsky Calling

The Voice of the Silence Website


The Blavatsky Free State

An Independent Theosophical Republic

Links to Free Online Theosophy 

Study Resources; Courses, Writings, 

Commentaries, Forums, Blogs



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Wales! Wales! Theosophy Wales

The All Wales Guide to

 Getting Started in Theosophy

This is for everybody not just people in Wales



Theosophy Avalon

The Theosophy Wales

King Arthur Pages





Visit the Feelgood Lodge

The main criteria for the inclusion of

links on this site is that they have some

relationship (however tenuous) to Theosophy

and are lightweight, amusing or entertaining.

Topics include Quantum Theory and Socks,

Dick Dastardly and Legendary Blues Singers.



The New Rock ‘n Roll

An entertaining introduction to Theosophy


Nothing answers questions

like Theosophy can!

The Key to Theosophy



Wales! Wales! Theosophy Wales

The All Wales Guide To

Getting Started in Theosophy

For everyone everywhere, not just in Wales


Cardiff Theosophy Start-Up

A Free Intro to Theosophy


Alfred Percy Sinnett   George Sidney Arundale


William Quan Judge   C Jinarajadasa


John B S Coats   Devachan


Theosophy Defined   Theosophy and the Masters


Evolution   Applied Theosophy


What is Theosophy ?   Theosophy Generally Stated


Reincarnation   An Epitome of Theosophy


Theosophy and the Number Seven

A selection of articles relating to the esoteric

significance of the Number 7 in Theosophy



High Drama & Worldwide Confusion

as Theosophy Cardiff Separates from the

Welsh Regional Association (formed 1993)


Pages About Wales

General pages about Wales, Welsh History

and The History of Theosophy in Wales


Death & How to Get Through It

Lentil burgers, a thousand press ups before breakfast and

the daily 25 mile run may put it off for a while but death

seems to get most of us in the end. We are pleased to

present for your consideration, a definitive work on the

subject by a Student of Katherine Tingley entitled

“Man After Death”


Brief Theosophical Glossary


The Akashic Records

It’s all “water under the bridge” but 

everything you do makes an imprint on the

 Space-Time Continuum.


Writings of Annie Besant


Theosophical Glossary

prepared by W Q Judge



Ernest Egerton Wood





Pages about Wales


The South of Heaven Guide to

Theosophy and Dreams


The South of Heaven Guide to

Theosophy and Angels


The South of Heaven Guide to

Theosophy and Devachan


Theosophy and Help

from the Universe


Theosophy Starts Here


Hey Look!

Theosophy in Wales


Theosophy Wales 2008 Changes

A new structure for the

Theosophical Movement in Wales

as it separates into independent

groups that can do their own thing


UK Theosophical Groups


Within the British Isles, the Adyar Theosophical Society

 has Groups in;




Folkstone*Glasgow*Grimsby*Inverness*Isle of Man*Lancaster*Leeds*Leicester

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Tooting Popular Front





No Aardvarks were harmed in the

preparation of this Website


The Mornington Crescent

Underground Theosophy Website

The Earth Base for Evolutionary Theosophy


The Theosophy Cardiff Guide

to Roath Park / Parc Y Rhath


Theosophy Tekels Park

Tekels Park, Camberley, Surrey, England GU15 -2LF

Article describing Tekels Park and its much

cherished wildlife by Theosophist and long

term Tekels Park Resident Madeleine Leslie Smith



A Text Book of Theosophy

Charles Webster Leadbeater


What Theosophy Is   From the Absolute to Man


The Formation of a Solar System   The Evolution of Life


The Constitution of Man   After Death   Reincarnation


The Purpose of Life   The Planetary Chains


The Result of Theosophical Study


The Ocean of Theosophy

William Quan Judge


Preface    Theosophy and the Masters    General Principles


The Earth Chain    Body and Astral Body    Kama – Desire


Manas    Of Reincarnation    Reincarnation Continued


Karma    Kama Loka    Devachan    Cycles


Septenary Constitution Of Man


Arguments Supporting Reincarnation


Differentiation Of Species Missing Links


Psychic Laws, Forces, and Phenomena


Psychic Phenomena and Spiritualism


Theosophy Cardiff’s

Instant Guide to Theosophy

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What is Theosophy ?  Theosophy Defined (More Detail)


Three Fundamental Propositions  Key Concepts of Theosophy


Cosmogenesis  Anthropogenesis  Root Races


Ascended Masters  After Death States


The Seven Principles of Man  Karma


Reincarnation   Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


Colonel Henry Steel Olcott  William Quan Judge


The Start of the Theosophical Society


History of the Theosophical Society


Theosophical Society Presidents


History of the Theosophical Society in Wales


The Three Objectives of the Theosophical Society


Explanation of the Theosophical Society Emblem


The Theosophical Order of Service (TOS)


Ocean of Theosophy

William Quan Judge


Glossaries of Theosophical Terms


Worldwide Theosophical Links   






Quotes from the Writings of

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


Blavatsky Quotation


That which is to be shunned is pain not yet come. The past cannot be changed or amended; that which belongs to the experience of the present cannot and should  not be shunned; but alike to be shunned are disturbing anticipations or fears of  the future, and every act or impulse that may cause present or future pain to ourselves or others.

Practical Occultism, Page 87


Blavatsky Quotation


Perfection, to be fully such, must be born out of imperfection, the incorruptible must grow out of the corruptible, having the latter as its vehicle and basis and contrast

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 100


Blavatsky Quotation


It is only by the attractive force of the contrasts that the two opposites — Spirit and Matter — can be cemented together on Earth, and, smelted in the fire of self-conscious experience and suffering, find themselves wedded in Eternity.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 108


Blavatsky Quotation


Strength to step forward is the primary need of him who has chosen his path. Where is this to be found? Looking round, it is not hard to see where other men find their strength. Its source is profound conviction.

Practical Occultism, Page 67


Blavatsky Quotation


It is the motive, and the motive alone, which makes any exercise of power become black, malignant, or white, beneficent Magic. It is impossible to employ spiritual forces if there is the slightest tinge of selfishness remaining in the operator .... The powers and forces of animal nature can equally be used by the selfish and revengeful, as by the unselfish and the all-forgiving; the powers and forces of spirit lend themselves only to the perfectly pure in heart — and this is Divine Magic.

Practical Occultism, Page 7


Blavatsky Quotation


Finite reason agrees with science, and says: “There is no God”. But, on the other hand, our Ego, that which lives and thinks and feels independently of us in our mortal casket, does more than believe. It knows that there exists a God in nature, for the sole and invincible Artificer of all lives in us as we live in Him. No dogmatic faith or exact science is able to uproot that intuitional feeling inherent in man, when he has once fully realised it in himself.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 36


Blavatsky Quotation


It may be a pleasant dream to attempt to conceive of the beauties of the spirit world; but the time can be spent more profitably in a study of the spirit itself, and it is not necessary that the subject for study should be in the spirit world.

Modern Panarion Page 70


Blavatsky Quotation


Physical existence is subservient to the spiritual, and all physical improvement and progress are only the auxiliaries of spiritual progress, without which there could be no physical progress.

Modern Panarion Page 78


Blavatsky Quotation


Mankind — the majority at any rate — hates to think for itself. It resents as an insult the humblest invitation to step for a moment outside the old well-beaten tracks and, judging for itself, to enter into a new path in some fresh direction.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 14


Blavatsky Quotation


Even ignorance is better than Head-learning with no Soul-wisdom to illuminate and guide it.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 43


Blavatsky Quotation


Many theosophists have had slight conscious relations with elementals, but always without their will acting, and upon trying to make elementals see, hear or act for them, a total indifference on the part of the nature spirit is all they have got in return. These failures are due to the fact that the elemental cannot understand the thought of the person; it can only be reached when the exact scale of being to which it belongs is vibrated, whether it be that of colour, form, sound, or whatever else

Annotation - The Path, May, 1888


Blavatsky Quotation


Parabrahman is not “God” because It is not a God. “It is that which is supreme, and not supreme”. ....It is supreme as cause, not supreme as effect.

The Secret Doctrine , Proem [Volume 1], Page 35


Blavatsky Quotation


The ancients ..... fully realised the fact that the reciprocal relations between the planetary bodies is as perfect as those between the corpuscles of the blood, which float in a common fluid; and that each one is affected by the combined influence of all the rest, as each in its turn affects each of the others.

Isis, Volume 1, Page 275


Blavatsky Quotation


Strength to step forward is the primary need of him who has chosen his path. Where is this to be found? Looking round, it is not hard to see where other men find their strength. Its source is profound conviction.

Practical Occultism, Page 67


Blavatsky Quotation


There are two kinds of magnetic attraction: sympathy and fascination; the one holy and natural, the other evil and unnatural.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 210


Blavatsky Quotation


In the phenomenal and Cosmic World Fohat is that occult, electric, vital power, which, under the Will of the Creative Logos, unites and brings together all forms, giving them the first impulse, which in time becomes law.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 134


Blavatsky Quotation


Oaths will never be binding till each man will fully understand that humanity is the highest manifestation on earth of the Unseen Supreme Deity, and each man anincarnation of his God; and when the sense of personal responsibility will be so

developed in him that he will consider forswearing the greatest possible insult to himself, as well as to humanity. No oath is now binding, unless taken by one who, without any oath at all, would solemnly keep his simple promise of honour.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 374


Blavatsky Quotation


It is the motive, and the motive alone, which makes any exercise of power become black, malignant, or white, beneficent Magic. It is impossible to employ spiritual forces if there is the slightest tinge of selfishness remaining in the operator .... The powers and forces of animal nature can equally be used by the selfish and revengeful, as by the unselfish and the all-forgiving; the powers and forces of spirit lend themselves only to the perfectly pure in heart — and this is Divine Magic.

Practical Occultism, Page 7


Blavatsky Quotation


Woe to those who live without suffering. Stagnation and death is the future of all that vegetates without change. And how can there be any change for the better without proportionate suffering during the preceding stage?

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 498


Blavatsky Quotation


The person who is endowed with this faculty of thinking about even the most trifling things from the higher plane of thought has, by virtue of that gift which he possesses, a plastic power of formation, so to say, in his very imagination. Whatever such a person may think about, his thought will be so far more intense than the thought of an ordinary person, that by this very intensity it obtains the power of creation.

Lucifer, December, 1888


Blavatsky Quotation


Finite reason agrees with science, and says: “There is no God”. But, on the other hand, our Ego, that which lives and thinks and feels independently of us in our mortal casket, does more than believe. It knows that there exists a God in nature, for the sole and invincible Artificer of all lives in us as we live in Him. No dogmatic faith or exact science is able to uproot that intuitional feeling inherent in man, when he has once fully realised it in himself.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 36


Blavatsky Quotation


Our voice is raised for spiritual freedom, and our plea made for enfranchisement  from all tyranny, whether of Science of Theology.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, I2.


Blavatsky Quotation


If through the Hall of Wisdom thou wouldst reach the Vale of Bliss, Disciple, close fast thy senses against the great dire heresy of Separateness that weans thee from the rest.

Voice of the Silence, Page 23


Blavatsky Quotation


From strength to strength, from the beauty and perfection of one plane to the greater beauty and perfection of another, with accessions of new glory, of fresh knowledge and power in each cycle, such is the destiny of every Ego, which thus becomes its own saviour in each world and incarnation.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 105


Blavatsky Quotation


The assertion that “Theosophy is not a Religion” , by no means excludes the fact that “Theosophy is Religion” itself. A religion in the true and only correct sense is a bond uniting men together — not a particular set of dogmas and beliefs. Now Religion, per se, in its widest meaning is that which binds not only all Men but also all Beings and all things in the entire Universe into one grand whole.

Lucifer, November, 1888


Blavatsky Quotation


The Present is only a mathematical line which divides that part of Eternal Duration which we call the Future from that part which we call the Past

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 69


Blavatsky Quotation


The mind receives indelible impressions even from chance acquaintance or persons

encountered but once. As a few seconds' exposure of the sensitized photographic plate is all that is requisite to preserve indefinitely the image of the sitter, so is it with the mind.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 311


Blavatsky Quotation


 “Beneficent Magic” , so called, is divine magic, devoid of selfishness, love of power, of ambition or lucre, and bent only on doing good, to the world in general and one's neighbour in particular. The smallest attempt to use one's abnormal powers for the gratification of self makes of these powers sorcery or black magic.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 228


Blavatsky Quotation


Believing in a spiritual and invisible Universe, we cannot conceive of it in any other way than as completely dovetailing and corresponding with the material, objective Universe; for logic and observation alike teach us that the latter is the outcome and visible manifestation of the former, and that the laws governing both are immutable.

Modern Panarion Page 137






A Study in Karma

Annie Besant


Karma  Fundamental Principles  Laws: Natural and Man-Made  The Law of Laws 


The Eternal Now  Succession  Causation The Laws of Nature  A Lesson of The Law


  Karma Does Not Crush  Apply This Law  Man in The Three Worlds  Understand The Truth


Man and His Surroundings  The Three Fates  The Pair of Triplets  Thought, The Builder


  Practical Meditation  Will and Desire  The Mastery of Desire  Two Other Points


  The Third Thread  Perfect Justice  Our Environment  Our Kith and Kin  Our Nation


The Light for a Good Man  Knowledge of Law  The Opposing Schools


The More Modern View  Self-Examination  Out of the Past


Old Friendships  We Grow By Giving  Collective Karma  Family Karma


National Karma  India’s Karma  National Disasters



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Your Own Theosophy Group Starts Here

A Guide to starting your own Theosophy Group


These are suggestions and pointers for forming

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The subject of affiliation to a larger body is

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Chalice Well, Glastonbury.

The Theosophy Cardiff Guide to

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Theosophy Cardiff’s

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The Theosophy Cardiff Guide to

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The Labyrinth

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Tekels Park

Camberley, Surrey, England


Tekels Park to be Sold to a Developer

Concerns are raised about the fate of the wildlife as

The Spiritual Retreat, Tekels Park in Camberley,

Surrey, England is to be sold to a developer


Tekels Park is a 50 acre woodland park, purchased

 for the Adyar Theosophical Society in England in 1929.

In addition to concern about the park, many are

 worried about the future of the Tekels Park Deer

as they are not a protected species.


Anyone planning a “Spiritual” stay at the

Tekels Park Guest House should be aware of the sale.


Future of Tekels Park Badgers in Doubt


Tekels Park & Dead Animals




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President of Nothing Ballast Open Election? Adyar Adyar’s Slightly International Convention

Will there be an Adyar Free Future? An Extra Box on the Ballot Paper A Society Without Members

Is the 2014 Adyar Presidential Election Invalid? Radha Burnier Employment Services

Don’t Just Do Nothing Stand There Adyar, the Sole Purpose of Adyar Western President

Save Radha’s House Ignore the Voters What an Insult to Members International Election Protocol

The Secrecy Banging the Drum for Theosophy Burnier Town Hall The Great Election Rip-Off

Keeping the International Headquarters at Adyar ABOLISHThe International President Bold Initiative

What is Behind the Attitude of the Theosophical Elite? Towards a New Model for Theosophy

Choose a Stooge SHUT UP & VOTE Members No Longer Members A Manifesto Anybody There?

Now Here’s Something Worth Keeping Quiet About Is There Hidden Bad News? Something Wrong?

Control Adyar or You Control Nothing Elected Representation Not Representing Publicly Denounced

Make Way for the Messiahs Does Silence Mean Game Over Accountable Leadership Urgently Required

Can’t Change Won’t Change Beggars at the Door From The Top Down Who Owns Adyar? New Committee?

The Royal Court of Radha Burnier General Council Meeting 2013 Minutes Adyar Theosophical Society International Rules

Disgraceful Treatment of an Adyar Employee The Preethi Muthiah Letters Concerns Raised General Council 2012 Meeting Minutes

Adyar Internal Problems Is Adyar Still The Headquarters? Creep On! General Council Good Campaign Pitch, Mr Singhal

Adyar Prepares for the Break-Up Profile of Adyar Adyar Family Appointment Another Family Power Appointment

Triumph of the Weak Adyar Job News No Stand For Democracy Bent election? A Society Without Leadership

Who will Believe It? Supporting Adyar? Long Tradition of Bullying at Adyar Summary Dismissal Trouble at t’Mill

True Purpose of the 2014 Election What Makes this Election Invalid? Trouble Was Your Vote Counted?

Not Being at Adyar Democracy in the Adyar Theosophical Society R.I.P. 11,432 Votes No Right To Complain

President’s Inauguration Pray Silence It’s Silence as Usual Who Can Support The Leadership Now? Shut Up & Pay Up

President? Really? Adyar & the US each have Half a President The White Lotus Hi-Jack Don’t Anybody Ask Me Anything

Is this the Great Wheaton Rip-Off? Master of the Small Event The Adyar Payments Scam CVK Maithreya Deserved Better Treatment

Staff Treatment At Adyar Is Wheaton Set To Support Adyar? CVK Maithreya is Presidential Why was Campaigning Banned

Adyar Allegations Climate of Fear Police Action Threatened QUICK The Prisoner of Adyartraz Preethi’s Allegations 2014 Election

One Man, One Vote Poor Adyar Future CVK Maithreya For Vice-President The General Council Should Allow Visiting Adyar

D V Subramaniam’s Posthumous Letter of Complaint The Amnesty International Paradox Did you get an Invite?

Serious Concerns Raised 2014 Election Result? The Sundaram Nomination Sham Call for Emergency Meeting

The Inauguration That Never Was Serious Concerns Election Committee Ignores Misconduct Bent Election Result

Suspend Call for Action Raise the White Flag Staff Bullying Why Did The 2014 Election Go Ahead? Tim Boyd

A Leadership at War Ignore the Bullying General Council Ignores Calls MONEY TO ADYAR? The Great Giveaway